2021 “How much do you know about cyber security” competition in Yunnan getting hotter

2021 National Cyber Security Publicity Week in Yunnan officially opened on Oct. 11. As one of the main activities of the publicity week, 2021 “How much do you know about cyber security” competition in Yunnan has reached a record high since it begins on Oct. 4. The number of participants reached 91,600 and the total visits reached 454,000 within eight days.

The competition system and the question bank of this year’s competition has been upgraded. There are “battle mode” and “challenge mode”, in which participants can participate according to their preference. A large number of questions with circumstances have been added to the question bank. These questions is more instructive and closer to the netizens’ life, and the content is more plentiful. 

So far the competition has became white-hot. There are 8 netizens who have accumulated more than 1,000 points and the highest score has reached 1412.  


The competition gains a wide popularity in the cyber security fair during the publicity week. A steady stream of citizens come to participate with their mobile phones on the hands. Citizens can not only have a better understanding of knowledge in cyber security, but can also receive many beautiful gifts through this event.

Citizen Mr.Qian, who has participated in the Yunnan cyber security knowledge competition for 3 years, noted that compared with previous two years, there has been less professional knowledge and the questions are getting easier, which is more educational for citizens. 

This competition will last until Oct. 31. After the competition, the top 100 netizens in the ranking list will each receive a beautiful souvenir. The list of winners will be announced on the “Colorful Yunan” WeChat official account, and the website, official Weibo, WeChat official account, “Cailong Community” of Kunming Information Hub. 

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