About us

InKunming(en.kunming.cn) is the city's website of Kunming. The website is designed to work as the window for users to know about Kunming. We are striving to act as an information bridge, to introduce what's happening in Yunnan and China, as well as sister cities of Kunming, especially what is happening in Kunming to you in an objective and balanced way, using an easily accessible network mode.

We have worked hard to make this Web site easier to navigate and get business accomplished online. The redesign of the Web site is part of a broad strategic initiative by us to make continuous improvements to customer services.

New features of the redesigned Web site include:

• Local reports become much more prominent

• Adding the column of KM Dialects which provides a channel for interested users to learn Kunming dialects.

• Adding the column of Quick Votes which provides a platform for users to share opinions.

• Adding more sharing tools

We welcome your feedback. Send us an e-mail at enkminfo@gmail.com to tell us what you like, what you want or what we could do better.

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