120 masters to compete in Stone Forest Field Archery Competition

[InKunming--Kunming]  2017 Stone Forest Field Archery competition will be held at Changhu Lake Tourist Area of Stone Forest during September 22nd and September 24th. 120 masters of 18 teams around China will compete with each other in the competition.

Stone Forest Field Archery Competition is currently the only national competition of field archery, filling the gap existing in China.

This competition includes team competition and individual event. The total sports award reaches 80000 RMB. The champions of team event and individual event will respectively obtain 30000 RMB and 20000 RMB. Moreover, all the contestants participating in this competition will get an exquisite commemorative medal.

Besides, there will be many interesting activities, for example, walking around the long lake, and field archery photography competition. Visitors can register on the spot to participate in the former activity. The top 100 walkers could get an exquisite present as a souvenir.

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