"Zheng He Theme" Photography Competition solicits works worldwide

Scene of 2016 China Kunming Zheng He International Cultural Tourism Festival, which was held in Jinning County, Kunming City.

[InKunming--Kunming]  To spread Zheng He culture worldwide and show Jinning county’s good image to global travellers, Jinning county organizes "Zheng He Theme" Photography Competition, which starts on April 26, and will end in July 11.

Zheng He, the famous navigator in the world, was born in Jinning County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Jinning County, as Zheng He’s hometown, to memorize Zheng He and better inherit Zheng He’s precious spirit of adventure and discovery, initiates the photography competition.

The relative events focusing on Zheng He were organized last year by the Jinning County as well. Hundreds of vonlunteers worldwide applied for joining the events last year. Ten "Zheng He Culture Ambassador" were selected among the vonlunteers.

This year, the county also solicits volunteers to participate in its event--the photography competetion. Winners no matter countries they are from, genders they are in, and ages they are at, could be awarded by the Jinning County.

The first prize of the competition will be awarded to only one person, worth of 10,000 yuan. The second prize will be awarded to two persons. Each of the second prize winner could be awarded 6,000 yuan. The third prize will be awarded to three persons, according to awards setting arranged by the county. Each person of the third prize winner could be awarded 3,000 yuan.

Besides three prizes mentioned above, the Jinning County will set aside money to award dozens of winners whose photography works are ranked in excellent level.

People who took photos thememed on Zheng He, like photos of parks, memerial halls or events that contain any Zheng He element, could submit their photos to competition organizers.

Jinning County is the main organizer of the photography competition. InKunming(Kunming Information Hub Media Company) is the coordinator to organize the competition.

Photos revealing social and economical development of Jinning County, showing ethnical people’s lives, sceneries of scenic spots, villages belonging to the county could be submitted by all volunteers, too.

Soliciting term for photography works is from 9:00 a.m. on April 26 to 5:00 p.m. on July 2. Competitors could submit their photos to email box: 3241583776@qq.com.

A literal statement about the competitor’s information, including the competitor’s name, age, QQ or wechat account number, mobile phone number, and any other necessary contents should also be attached in the email.

Volunteer or competitor who is good at Chinese could also apply for entering an online contact group to chat with competition organizers. The QQ number of the online contact group is 540563478. Any applicant for entering the group is warmly welcomed.

All prizes are to be awarded to photography competition winners on July 11 in Kunming. "2017 China Kunming Zheng He International Cultural Tourism Festival" will be inaugurated on July 11. Some of winners’ photography works will be put on show on the festival.

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)

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