"Chinese Bridge" Competition descended in Kunming again

[InKunming--Yunnan] The 10th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for foreign secondary school students will be held from 17th October to 28th October in Yunnan. By that time, 316 students and teachers from 96 countries and regions will come to Yunnan participating in the competition.

Themed on “Learning Chinese Well & Making Friends Everywhere”, it is the sixth time that "Chinese Bridge" Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students has been held in Yunnan, which is quite beneficial for demonstrating the unique culture of Yunnan and promoting trans-cultural communication home and abroad.

All the candidates will be tested in terms of their Chinese efficiency, understanding of Chinese culture, oral Chinese and learning capacity. The best one among continent champion team will compete for the final champion on the final contest on 28th October.

With the form of individual competition and team work, individual prizes and team awards will be selected based on their credits. What’s more, the winner will receive the scholarship offered by Confucius Institute/Office of Chinese Language Council International as an encouragement to study in China.

In addition, three culture exchange communication activities will be organized to look back the history of "Chinese Bridge" Competition and to charm students with Chinese music.

It it "Chinese Bridge" Competition that build a bridge between Chinese and foreigners in the process of learning Chinese, enhancing strategic mutual trust among countries, which agrees with the keynote of Belt and Road Initiative. The factors of Belt and Road Initiative will be added into the whole competition.

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