Kunming "flower city" photography competition solicits photos

[InKunming--Kunming]  The 2017 first photography competition to capture the gorgeous landscapes of Spring City (Kunming), the provincial capital of Yunnan province, will be launched from March 13th to May 20th. In this way can make Kunming an international city for its blossoming flowers.

Kunming has been reputed as Spring City from an ancient time. Nice and warm weather make sorts of flowers blossom all year round. People can eat different seasonal food in each season. It is universally acknowledged that Kunming may be the best place for cultivating flowers. As a result, the yields of fresh-cut flowers of Yunnan Province has been ranked the first place for decades.

Under the theme of "beautiful flowers and gorgeous city", those who are interested are supposed to choose the pictures taken in Kunming. There is no limited about the time of taking the photo but to present natural landscape, wonderful cultural customs and modern city outlook.

The professional photographers and amateur ones can participate in it by submitting at most 20 works except for those pictures that has already gained awards before. The final winner could obtain 50,000 rmb (before tax) as a reward.

Most importantly, entries can be submitted by sending photos to the designated mailbox (2151796824@qq.com). On the other side, people can post a CD in format (CD—R or DVD—R) to the office of Kunming Photography Association as well. The address is Room 305, No.28, Wenyi Rd, Xinying Quarter, Panlong Dist. Kunming. The deadline for submitting is May 20th. If there is any problems, you can dial 0871-64144665.

The organizing committee will invite experts to evaluate the works during May 20th to 30th. The final awarding ceremony is expected to be held on the middle of June.

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