Kunming Int'l Original Fresco Competition 2013 launched

Dong Yunfeng(董云丰), the deputy general manager of Yunnan Mingcheng Advertising Culture Industrial Park Business Development co., LTD(云南成名广告文化产业园经营开发有限公司), introduces about the prizes of the competition. (Photo/ Lin Jian)

City Characters: 2013 Kunming International Original Fresco Competition is launched in Kunming on November 1. The competition is sponsored by the Kunming Advertising Culture Industrial Park. It aims to provide a platform to artists as well as residents with original creations and to drive the development of Yunnan’s art industry.

According to Dong Yunfeng, the deputy general manager of Yunnan Mingcheng Advertising Culture Industrial Park Business Development co., LTD, the art of original fresco is popularized around the world. Fashionable and original communities have sprung up in the county. Original art is a significant part of modern cultural identities. The art of fresco, especially adored by the youth, has became an important index for residents to get familiar with a city's cultural and historic background, as well as a standard to verify whether a city has vitality or not.

The competition is expected to display the city's urban cultures and to explore its characteristics. After extensively collecting fresco works, the competition is to select the most outstanding frescoes. These works will be put on a free-admission show to the public for a long time.

The competition is divided into four segments. The fresco collection segment is arranged from Nov.1 to Dec.5. From Dec. 7 to Dec. 9, it is the mass-election segment, and from Dec. 11 to Dec. 19, it is the live creation show. The final selection and award ceremony will be unveiled on December 21.

Many famous artists, planners, designers, including Ye Yongqin, Tang Zhigang, Luo Jiang, Hu Yaxiong, etc., will be invited to be judges for the competition. Awards setting includes one Award for Originality with a prize of 15,000 yuan; one Award of Environment, one Award of Culture, one Award of Popularity with a 10,000 yuan’s cash prize per award; four Award of Vision with a cash prize of 10,000 per person; five Award of Merit with a cash prize of 4,000 yuan per person. Each winner will also be awarded with a trophy.

All segments of the competition, including participating, exhibiting, compiling and printing, will be free of charge.

You can download the application form for the competition on line, and email your works' samples to kmcb2013@163.com.

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