Kunming zoo is collecting names for a baby elephant

Kunming zoo has launched a campaign to collect names for a baby Asian elephant from September 3rd to September 18th. 


The newborn elephant is going to be 100 days old. [Photoed by Yang Yanhui]

This female Asian elephant was born at 21:55 on 10 June at Kunming zoo. Both her parents come from this zoo. With 110 kilograms in weight, she is going to be 100 days old and enjoys  interacting with nursery staff. Now she is able to imitate the feeding behaviour of her mother, eat  food with digestible bananas and practice absorbing water. It is said that her learning and behaviour abilities obviously surpass her peers.     

With the birth of this baby elephant, Kunming zoo has 9 Asian elephants in total, which is the largest Asian elephant population among the city zoos in China. 

Relevant experts, scholars, keepers and media representatives will form a judging panel to choose 10 recommended names collected from the public and a network voting will be held later to choose the most popular one from them. People who propose the 10 chosen names will be rewarded. The results will be announced at the baby elephant’s birthday party on September 26, during which participants will have the opportunity to visit her.

Submission Requirements:

1.The name proposed should reflect the significance of wildlife protection or show respect to the front-line medical workers fighting against COVID-19.  

2.The name should be civilized, creative and easy to speak and remember. No more than 3 names are recommended by the same contributor. 

3.The recommended name should be attached with interpretation which is about 100 words. Leave the real name, contact number and other necessary information of the contributor. The sponsor will keep the personal information involved strictly in accordance with relevant regulations. 

4.The campaign launches simultaneously on two WeChat official platforms “昆明动物园” and “昆明教育”. Contributors only need to follow one of them and leave the needed information according to the prompt message. 

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