In pics: Yunnan is ablaze with color in autumn

From the undulating plateau in the east to the steep mountains in the west, a gust of autumn wind blows Yunnan in colorful. In terms of the landscape, the autumn of Yunnan is as fascinating as a painting. The sunlight sprinkles on lakes and terraces while hills and valleys are in shadow, forming a magnificent and unpredictable beauty to meet.


Fishing boats on Dianchi Lake prepare to fishing with the morning sun. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]


Cattle graze on a meadow in Potatso National Park in Yunnan’s Shangri-La. [Xinhua/Zhang Yudong]


The sea of flowers in Yunnan’s Qujing attracts visitors to spend leisure time. [Xinhua/Yang Zongyou]


Fields in Guangnan county turn into yellow in harvest season. [Xinhua/Yang Zongyou]


The sun is shining over Meili Snow Mountains, while a moon is still behind the peak. [Xinhua/Wang Changshan]


Yunnan’s Jianshui has a 100-year meter-gage railway. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]


Ginkgo leaves in Yunnan University turn into golden color gradually. Many citizens and tourists are attracted by flying leaves and the charming ginkgo avenue. [Xinhua/Hao Yaxin]


Kunming Red Land has rich colors and becomes a world-famous tourist attraction. [Xinhua/Yang Zongyou]


 The water and sky merge in one color in Erhai Lake, Dali. [Xinhua/Lin Yiguang]


Black-necked crane, a national first-class protected animal, rest in Dashanbao Nature Reserve in Zhaotong, Yunnan. [Xinhua/Lin Yiguang]

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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