Laoyuhe Wetland Park, a perfect place to unwind in autumn

[InKunming--Kunming] The trees usually are naked and leaves turn yellow in autumn. But things are totally different in Kunming. Currently, blooming sunflowers & dahlias and newly established catching loaches event in children’s amusement park make Laoyuhe Wetland Park an optimal choice for families to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.

It is estimated that 60 acres of sunflowers have been planted in Laoyuhe Wetland Park where is open to the public for free. About 80% sunflowers grow up in flowering period. Tourists can even find sunflower seeds in flower heads when approaching towards them. The staff told journalists that local red-shell sunflowers were planted this year, whose seeds are small yet delicious. The working staff will harvest sunflower seeds when they are fully ripe in middle October.

In addition, people can take in the intoxicating aroma of dahlias as well. Located in the center of the park, all the dahlias own a blaze of color, such as bright yellow, light purple, oriental red. However, its florescence is in October only.

Visitors can not only enjoy breath-taking views, but have a good time catching loaches (a newly set up event) in the amusement park with their children.

Laoyuhe Wetland Park is located in the 25 kilometers west of Huanhu East Road in Kunming. Here comes some route tips for those who are interested.

Bus routes:

① Take bus No.222 and take off at Zhonghe Village

② Take bus K31 and take off at Laoyuhe Wetland Park

③ Take bus C86 and take off at Laoyuhe Wetland Park

Self-driving routes:

①Start off from Kunming and then go into Guangfu Rd.(East) Dianchi Lake East Rd. (move toward the direction of Chengong County). Drive through Dounan Tunnel, Luolong Tunnel, and Seven Star Mountain Tunnel. Go straight and to arrive at Laoyu Bridge (40mins in total).

②Start off from Kunming and go into Second Ring Rd. (move towards the direction of Shankun expressway). Then enter Kunmo expressway from Mingquan village overpass. Veer off Kunmo experssway from Dayu overpass and enter Yupu Rd. Drive 3.5 kilometers before turn left to Lake East Rd. Go straight for 1 kilometer to reach destination.

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