Recommended places to enjoy full moon of Mid-Autumn Day in Kunming

[InKunming--Kunming]  Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 7 this year, which is to come 3 days later. For Chinese people, the festival is a day for family reunion. Eating moon cakes and enjoying the glorious full moon with families on that night has been a tradition to celebrate the festival for years.

To enjoy the full moon, here are some super excellent places recommended in Kunming.

The most suitable place should be the balcony of each family. Families gather together, and sit around in their balconies after dinner. They can eat moon cakes and chat with each other, waiting for the full moon’s appearance. Along the beautiful scenery, families have a chance to communicate with each other, which is of great rarity and warmth, especially when people are getting busier and busier in the rapidly developing society nowadays.

Mid-autumn Day also marks the second week for schools starting classes in Kunming this year. For the students, especially for those who study far away from their hometowns, a recommended place to admire full moon is the sports ground of schools. Friends and classmates can bring some foods and drinks, and go to the sports ground together. Sometimes, boys may play guitar on playgrounds. They can share beautiful scenery and music to ease their homesick by sharing sceneries and good stories that occurred in the past summer holiday. Lighting Kongming lantern is also a good choice.

Beside places that are mentioned above, several parks in urban Kunming are also recommended.

Cuihu Park(Green Lake Park) should be one of the most popular places among Kunming residents to visit, especially on Mid-autumn night. The park is free of entrance, and provides boats for riding. With breeze blowing, eating moon cakes and enjoying full moon on boats will surely bring a unique and romantic Mid-autumn Festival to people. Moreover, a plenty of teahouses are distributed around the lake. People can invite friends and families to drink tea as long as celebrate in these tea houses.

Daguan Park, which has various recreation facilities, is another park that attracts people to visit. The park will present an evening party to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival on September 9, which is aimed at providing a visual and auditory feast to visitors. Visitors can also take a ride on the sky wheel to experience scenery of full moon on high. Entrance fee for the park is 20 yuan per person and riding sky wheel charges 50 yuan per person.

Another place for people to enjoy scenery on high is the West Mountain. The mountain is located at western suburbs of Kunming, which charges 30 yuan for entrance per person. On the Mid-autumn Festival, the mountain will open to the public until 0:00. Visitors can enjoy the whole scenery of the city at night as well as the beautiful full moon there.

Heilongtan Park holds activities and evening parties to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival every year. This year, a special performance and a campfire party will be held at that night. Entrance fee for the park is 20 yuan per person.

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