"Sending fish to Dianchi lake in winter" campaign launched

With the seedling bag opened, a tail of live fishes swimming into the Dianchi lake. The one-month campaign of "sending fish to dianchi lake in winter" was launched recently in the Ancient Yunnan Wetland Park where located in the south bank of Dianchi lake.

The activity of "sending fish into Dianchi lake in winter" was organized by the fishery administrative law enforcement department of Dianchi lake management bureau in kunming city.This campaign aims to promote the virtuous cycle of Dianchi lake water and improve the ecological environment of Dianchi lake water. It also regulates the fish population structure of Dianchi lake and plays an significant role in the restoration of dianchi lake ecology. 

The fish which sended into Dianchi lake mainly include national second class protected animals —— barbel dianchi and yunnan barelip fish, silver carp and bighead fish.Based on the relevant data , the survival rate of fish released in winter reaches 98%, while the survival rate of fish released in summer is only 50%. Therefore, in order to increase the survival rate of fish, this activity chooses to send fish back in winter.

Dianchi lake fish "regression" is a vital part of dianchi lake water ecology. The release of endangered Dianchi lake native fish, b. dianchi golden thread and b. yunnanensis, can not only promote the circulation of dianchi lake water ecology, but also make up for the role of other species in dianchi lake, and further restore the biodiversity of dianchi lake. Releasing silver carp and bighead carp will clean up the blue algae in dianchi lake and effectively alleviate the water pollution in dianchi lake.

As the only place to release fish in this activity, the surface area of high-quality wetland in ancient yunnan is over 530,000 square meters , including the group of island forest and theme waterscape. As a benchmark demonstration area for the transformation of ecological landscape wetland around dianchi lake, the high-quality wetland in ancient yunnan was awarded the honor of "national eco-tourism demonstration area" in 2015.

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(Editors: Keylie, Christine)

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