Old photos about Dianchi Lake on display at Daguan Park

Boys jumps to Dianchi Lake for swimming. [yunnan.cn]

People enclosed tideland of Dianchi Lake for cultivation. [yunnan.cn]

Taken beside the Dianchi Lake in 1976, it is a photochrome with the longest history in the exhibition. [yunnan.cn]

A man looks at a photo.

People swam in the Dianchi Lake in the 1970s. [yunnan.cn]

A woman tells her boy to protect Dianchi Lake. [yunnan.cn]

People leave messages after seeing the exhibition. [yunnan.cn]

People look at a photo exhibition about Dianchi Lake, starting from October 13 and lasts for one month, at Daguan Park (Grand View park) in Kunming. [yunnan.cn]

Over 200 photos have been exhibited. [yunnan.cn]


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