To be a rhino keeper in Yunnan Wildlife Park during May Day holiday


[InKunming--KunmingOn April 28, Yunnan wildlife park organized a series of activities attracting parents with their children. Under the guidance of the staff, children can work as white rhino keepers, cleaning cages, feeding alfalfa and “scratching” rhino’s back.



The two white rhinos in the cages are the world’s second largest land wildlife, according to Yunnan Wildlife Park. The skin of white rhino is not white actually, but blue gray or palm gray. They live in Africa, and normally go outside for eating at daytime. A staff said that regular “scratching” could help rhinos clean skins and allow them roll into mud evenly to fend off mosquitoes.


It was the first time that the park launched such activities to welcome visitors. “They can learn about animals through an interesting way.” A staff introduced. During the May Day holiday, which means from May 1 to 4, visitors will be able to join the “scratching” for rhinos. Ticket of the activity are free at the official WeChat public account of Yunnan Wildlife Park.


Moreover, more chances to encounter animals will be provided during the holiday, such as feeding giraffes and alpacas, petting baby tigers, and playing with raccoons.

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