Enjoying wonderful activities in parks of Kunming during the Spring Festival


As the Spring Festival approaches, many parks in Kunming are decorated by all kinds of flowers. During the Spring Festival, these parks will hold different kinds of activities to offer great trips for citizens to celebrate.

Daguan park : enjoying the sight of 210,000 tulips

The 24th tulip exhibition will be held from January 25 to February 29 in Daguan park. At the event, 210,000 tulips will be on display, including more than 40 famous colorful tulips, such as orange, red, yellow, purple, black and complex colors. At the same time, the event 'Night of Daguan park' which is the special activity of Spring Festival will be opened from January 25 to February 15 as well. The brilliant colorful lights will dress the whole park, make the park more spectacular to bring a wonderful experience to tourists. In one of these events, visitors can get a free ticket if they can recite the Daguanlou couplet.

Kunming zoo: strolling in traditional food market

In order to create a festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere, Kunming zoo improves the quality of the park's green landscape, replacing a total of 100,000 pots of flowers such as pansy, poppy and kale, and replanting a total of 300 square meters of radix ophiopogonis and lawn in the exposed loess plot of the park. Kunming zoo will also hold the 2020 Spring Festival traditional food festival at duck pond square in the park from January 25 to February 8.


Jindian park: feeling the charm of intangible cultural heritage

During the Spring Festival, Jindian will hold a series of activities. In addition to the 32nd camellia exhibition, dragon and lion dance, lantern show and other activities will be held.

The scenic spot also cooperated with the Panlong District Cultural Center, inviting 15 heritors of intangible cultural heritage to participate in exhibitions to teach tourists making clay figurines, dough figurines and sugar-blowing figurines in Ziwei square. Meanwhile, Ming and Qing dynasty block printing, Han clothing and jewelry production and other exhibitions will also be held.

Heilongtan park : shopping in Longquan spring festival temple fair

The 24th Kunming Plum Blossom Festival is being held in Heilongtan park. During the Spring Festival, plum blossom is entering the best viewing period.  From January 25 to January 29, the park will also  hold the Spring Festival temple fair. At that time, tourists can watch the performances of dragon and lion dance, yangko dance and so on. During the activity, there will also be a plum blossom poetry recitation competition. Through the competition, the poetry culture will be transmitted and the essence of Chinese culture will be learned. Those who can recite the plum blossom poems will be given gifts.


Xihua park: experiencing the glass walkway

The 7th Winter Jasmine Flower Exhibition in Kunming city and the 9th annual flower exhibition in Xihua park, focusing on the theme of "popularization of flowers", will be held to introduce flowers and related products closer to daily life, and create a New Year's eve flower supermarket for the public.

Xihua park took nearly two months to build a glass walkway near the lake, about 174 meters, for free to enjoy the lake scenery closer.

Tanhua Temple park: more than 3000 peonies welcome visitors

More than 3,000 peonies will be displayed in the Tanhua Temple park, allowing visitors to see the earliest peony in full bloom. The most precious black peony and the most fragrant luhe will be on stage one by one. The Spring Festival is the best viewing period of peony.

In addition to appreciating flowers, Tanhua Temple park will launch the sixth popular science photography competition. Visitors can leave a beautiful moment to participate in the photography competition, and will have the opportunity to win a special award. As well, the park offers opportunities for people to buy the high-quality goods in the park and Daguan shopping mall.

Jiaoye park: inviting you to celebrate lunar new year with pink plum

On January 25, the 11th Plum Blosssom Exhibition will be held in Jiaoye park where 3,000 beautiful plum in full bloom to welcome guests and let visitors experience a "pink" Spring Festival. At the same time, the "2020 folk culture temple fair" will be held. A temple fair street will be set up in the vanilla garden of the park, so that you can experience the atmosphere of enjoying the festival, the snacks and the temple fair.

On January 31, there will also be a clown parade in the park, giving out mysterious gifts and bringing New Year blessings to visitors.

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