Nepali girl’s Spring Festival plan in Yunnan: reunite with friends


Jyoti Khadka

[InKunming--Interviews & PollsNepali girl, Jyoti Khadka, who have lived in Kunming over 3 years, decided to acquaint with Chinese Spring Festival this year in Yunnan because of her Chinese friends’ invitation.


Jyoti Khadka was away on business in China. 

Jyoti Khadka, as a staffer of Nepal-China Trade Association, had visited China’s 18 cities in past 3 years, promoting cooperation between Chinese and Nepali businessmen.

She also studied Chinese and International Trade in one of Yunnan’s universities in her spare time. Due to her experience, she associated with many Yunnan people. 


Jyoti Khadka had dinner with her Chinese friends. 

A Chinese girl, whose hometown is in Lijiang, Yunnan, rent an apartment near to Jyoti’s by accident in Kunming a few years ago, and gradually became a close friend to Jyoti, since they made food, bought cosmetics, and had heart-to-heart talks together when they studied in the universities. 

Right now, the Chinese girl has worked in Lijiang, but still keeps touch with Jyoti for both of them cherish transnational friendship. The Chinese girl invited Jyoti to visit her hometown Lijiang this year and asked Jyoti to experience China’s most traditional festival--the Spring Festival at the mean time. 


Jyoti Khadka(3rd from the right) with her families.  

Jyoti said:”My interest in Chinese culture raised day by day when I worked in Nepal. I met a lot of Chinese businessmen in Nepal. Their kindness and enthusiasm to people moved me a lot. “Because of recommendation of Jyoti’s Nepali boss, Jyoti finally came to China for work and study. 


Jyoti Khadka in Nepal.

Regarding ways to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, Jyoti said that she had received gifts from one of her Yunnan friends before the eve of Spring Festival. The friend bought Jyoti a pair of window cuts, and some bottles of cosmetics for giving her best wishes to Jyoti. 

To respond to Chinese friends’ concern and love, Jyoti also prepared some gifts to the friends in advance of the Spring Festival. To the close friend who invited Jyoti to visit her hometown, Jyoti will give a Nepali handicraft as a gift when she arrives at the friend’s home. 

The Nepali gift is named Mandala, according to Jyoti. It will bring peace and happiness to Jyoti’s friend and the friend’s family members, Jyoti believes. In Jyoti’s opinion, the Chinese Spring Festival builds a wonderful platform for her to express her wishes to the close friends.


Jyoti Khadka with her boyfriend.

This year, not only Jyoti will visit Lijiang by herself, she also asks her family members to visit Lijiang together. Jyoti’s two brothers, boy friend, and one of the brother’s girl friend, will accompany Jyoti to drop in the friend’s home, and travel in Lijiang and the other places of Yunnan as well. 

To Chinese people, Spring Festival represents a precious chance for them to reunite with family members, especially meaningful to those who cannot meet relatives all around a year. Jyoti, will take full advantage of the Spring Festival this year, to meet her Nepali family members and Chinese close friends simultaneously, grasping the essence of Chinese Spring Festival indeed. 

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