Let’s see what happens in one minute in Diqing



[InKunming--Yunnan] On September 9, a promotional short video of Diqing under the framework of One minute in Yunnan was released. In this video, people can admire the beautiful landscape and know how locals strive for a better life.



Various things happen in one minute around Diqing. Let us see.

Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys jump and climb trees about 10 times in Baima Snow Mountain in one minute. 


46 tourists come and go in Shangri-La in one minute. 

1.14 kilograms of matsutake are sold all over the world in one minute. 

31,000 kWh clean water and electricity are transmitted all over China in one minute.


Over 10,000 yuan are invested in building a comprehensive transportation hub in one minute.

9,609 yuan of output value are created in plateau bio-industry in one minute.

2,739 yuan of poverty alleviation fund are used to help the poor in one minute.



Over the past 70 years, countless changes took place in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The GDP of Diqing Prefecture had increased from 6.63 million yuan in 1952 to 21.752 billion yuan in 2018. 64 national protected animal species and 34 endangered plant species are effectively protected there. Diqing will continue to make great efforts to prosper it better, making people enjoy life.



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