Transaction volume and value of Dounan Flower Market exceeded 10 billion

The reporter learned from the Management Committee of Dounan International Flower Industrial Park that in 2021, the transaction volume of fresh cut flowers in Dounan Flower Market reached 10.257 billion, and the total transaction value of flowers reached 11.244 billion yuan, both exceeding 10 billion yuan.

Dounan Flower Market sells 117 types and more than 1,600 varieties of fresh flowers every day, 60% of the fresh cut flowers in Yunnan and the flowers of neighboring provinces and countries are traded here. As well, flowers are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

Except the fresh cut flowers, Dounan Flower Market also sells processing flowers (dried flowers, preserves fresh flowers, artistic flowers, artificial flowers), succulents, flower derivatives, flower seeds and so on. The succulent market has become the largest wholesale and retail market and a hot spot in Yunnan. Every year, more than 2.4 million citizens and tourists visit Dounan Flower Market to entertaining, shopping and traveling.

Dounan Flower Market has gathered more than 2,200 enterprises and operators, over 1,000 consignors, 46 logistics enterprises, more than 80,000 associated growers, nearly 12,000 suppliers (cooperatives), more than 10,000 flower brokers, and more than 350,000 flower wholesale markets and florists across the country, forming the pattern of “one market vitalizes the whole industry”.

“Cooperating with Tiktok, Dounan Flower Market launched the support program of flower livestream, to build the first flower industry live demonstration town in China- DOU in Flower Town.” Dounan flower market has expanded a variety of new sales modes such as pre-sale, auction, e-commerce marketing and livestream, forming an integrated flower trading and service platform.

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