Cherry blossom flourishes in Dali’s Wuliang Mountain


The cherry blossom in Dali’s Wuliang Mountain, southwest China’s Yunnan, is flourishing everywhere like a world of flowers in December. Now it’s the best season to enjoy the bloom in cherry blossom valley since flowers here have entered full-bloom stage.


The pink and tender petals outshine each other between the blue sky and the green terrace, which make the hillsides covered by bright or light pink. 


When a gentle breeze stirs the branches, petals sway in the air then give gentle kisses to the tea leaves. 


With 2020 coming to a close, it is a wonderful trip to visit Wuliang Mountain and admire the cherry blossom there. Invite the one you love and experience this winter romance together!




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(Editors: Lexi, Rachel)

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