Well decorated Spring city to welcome guests from all corners of the world

Kunming, as the host of COP15, has gathered strength of the whole city to make preparations for the COP15 to show the charm of Kunming and the beauty of Yunnan to the world, and to welcome the guests from all corners of the world with the most beautiful image. 


Hundreds of mosaicultures were set up.

In Jinbi square, there is a mosaiculture in the form of a girl decorated with flowers like a flower fairy holding up a water droplet consisting of lovely pandas, children chasing butterflies, green peacocks and plum blossoms with fragrance. Currently, Jinbi square has become the most popular check-in place in Kunming, attracting flocks of residents to visit and take photos. 


The design of water droplet in the hands of the flower fairy was inspired by the COP15 logo, representing the beautiful vision of the harmonious co-existence between humans and the nature and the co-construction of ecological civilization around the globe.  

In a bid to fulfill the obligations of the host country, and elevate the quality of city appearance and environment, Kunming Municipal Government and Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture are jointly holding “China Kunming Mosaiculture Competition”. All 100 selected entries have completed the construction and exhibition arrangement, and are making stunning appearances in the exhibition center area, Dianchi Haigeng area, historical and cultural area, municipal administrative center area, airport expressway, Dianchi Road, Guangfu Road, Dongfeng Road, Beijing Road, Caiyun Road, Airport Road, South Railway Station and other important areas, roads and nodes in Kunming.


Kunming has completed face-lifts on 62 major roads.

Chuncheng Road, with a total length of 4.6km, is lined with trees and gorgeous flowers. The high-voltage and low-voltage electric boxes along the line are "dressed" in flower clothes. The "peacock" perching in the shade of the tree and the "bird" hidden in the leaves are integrated with the electric box, which is a vivid and vibrant scenery.

After renovation, upgrading and reconstruction of Caiyun North Road, the new non-motorized lane has completely changed the mixed-use traffic of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians in the past. The newly paved asphalt road is very flat and the lane signs are clearer. On one side of the road are orderly vehicles and on the other side are clusters of green landscape skits. Busy people walking through the road will feel like being in clusters of beautiful flowers.

Guangfu Road, connecting the main city of Kunming and Chenggong new district, has been upgraded and reconstructed into the city's first road with auxiliary roads, non-motorized lanes and sidewalks on the same flat road with green forest belts between them. The green area of the whole line reaches 161,000 square meters. The flower boxes of the central isolation belt change flowers alternately according to seasons. Plants and trees are evergreen and flowers are blooming all year round.

Kunming has completed face-lifts on 62 major roads as part of a city-wide beautification campaign in the run-up to the COP15. At present, more than 90 urban roads with more than 500 kilometers in the city have basically met the requirements of "flat and clean road surface, complete facilities, exquisite greening landscape, neat and beautiful facade, open vision and bright with characteristics".

Parks and gardens provide people with nice places to relax.

Next to Tangzixiang station of Beijing Road subway, there is an urban boutique park for passers-by to rest. This small garden covering an area of about 5,600 square meters is built with the theme of "Centennial Yunnan Vietnam Railway", highlighting the elements of station and railway. Three scattered white landscape corridors replicated the architectural outline of "Yunnan government station" of Yunnan Vietnam Railway. In the park, various plant landscapes have distinctive characteristics and various facilities are available, which has become a wonderful recreational and relaxing place for many citizens in the surrounding areas.

In order to improve the quality of urban ecological environment and show the spring city with evergreen seasons, the whole city with scenery, diverse plants and excellent environment, Kunming has carried out the construction, improvement and transformation of green garden space from a high starting point and high standard. Kunming is striving to realize that citizens can see green plants within 300 meters and gardens within 500 meters, so as to make people's life more convenient and comfortable. In the specific implementation, it not only pays attention to improving the composite functions of cultural inheritance, ecology and recreation, but also focuses on the theme of flowers and seasonal changes to ensure the formation of a "colorful Kunming" with a rich variety of colorful flowers and trees in winter and spring, shades of trees and flowers in summer, and leaf plants swinging in the wind in autumn.

By vigorously carrying out the "four retreats, three returns and one protection" and other projects, a total of 62,900 mu of Dianchi Lake ecological belt has been built in Kunming, including 25,200 mu of lakeside wetland and 13,700 mu of naturally restored Lake wetland. As one of the COP15 outdoor exhibition projects, Baofeng Peninsula wetland will show guests the magnificent scenery of Dianchi Lake, the "Pearl of the plateau".

Lighting projects add a bright color to the night sky of the city.

As night falls, the beautiful street lamps on the Bank of Panlong River constantly change colors. Looking down from the sky, they are like a winding and flexible Golden Dragon galloping on the land of Kunming, adding a bright color to the night sky of the city.

"We have improved the lighting of the landscape belt and key bridges along the riverside footpaths on both sides of the Panlong River channel, which starts from the Migui railway bridge in the north and ends at Shuanglong bridge in the south." Through scientific and technological lighting combined with sound, 3D projection, water curtain projection, time-space tunnel, digital projection, interactive image and other means, we have created comprehensive audio-visual tourism products. It brings immersive visual enjoyment and interactive art experience to consumers, according to the person in charge of Kunming Urban Management Bureau.

The night tour landscape improvement project of Panlongjiang channel is one of the key projects in Kunming to further promote the lighting project and to welcome the COP15.

In order to provide a good night travel lighting environment for the general public and improve the illumination of the road at night, Kunming Urban Management Bureau vigorously implemented the "clean and bright" project of road lighting and replaced more than 60 roads with high-quality LED lamps.

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