Kunming speeds up the preparation for COP15


On September 25, the main stereoscopic parterre outside of the west square of Yunnan Haigeng Hall has basically been completed, which implies the meeting of Chu phoenix and the green peacock. The unique and exquisite design carries the meaning of “phoenix singing with peacock, Wuhan is with Kunming”. Around the sculpture parterre meaning nationality unity on Dianchi Road, gardeners are stepping up in planting flowers, which will become a beautiful scenery during the conference. In addition, a creative stereoscopic parterre on the Nanping Street is also being decorated with flowers and plants speedily.






As the host city of the COP15, Kunming has made great effort to welcome this event, and the preparation for the coming conference has already entered final phase. Known as the spring city, the famous historical and cultural city, and the healthy city of China, Kunming will fully show its image to the world via these stereoscopic parterres. 100 groups of stereoscopic parterre arranged in main areas of Kunming city will form a beautiful scenery line during the COP15. 




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(Editors: Lexi, Christine)

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