Pure white ghost plant found in Zhenyuan County


It is common to see hundreds of different types of beautiful flowers but it is rare to see an entirely pure white Monotropa unifloraso. Recently, people discovered a Monotropa unifloraso in a hidden forest of Zhenyuan County in Pu`er City of Yunnan Province. This special white flower has 4 pedicels , with each about 6-7 centimeters high. 

According to the record, Monotropa uniflora, also known as ghost plant, ghost pipe, or Indian pipe, is a perennial wildflower that gets its name from its shape and its pure, pale white colour.


Monotropa uniflora has an unusual strategy for survival. It lacks the green pigment chlorophyll, and therefore cannot make its own food through photosynthesis as most plants do.  

It is rare to see this special flower as the living environment for Monotropa uniflora is critical. However, the discovery of it in Zhenyuan features the rich biodiversity of that place.

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(Editors: Ines, Rachel)

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