Flowers from Yunnan’s plantation bases put in Taobao stores for sales

[InKunming--YunnanFlowers from Yunnan’s production bases were put in Taobao stores for sales on February 13. Around 500 thousand flowers including roses and tulips were sold out in 3 days in the stores.


All of these flowers were planted by Yunnan’s flower production companies containing V.D. Berg, Hasfarm, and Aibida. It is the first time for these companies to sell directly in Taobao stores.

Compared to the past, flowers planted in Yunnan were usually sold on internet by flowers’ agents. The more agents took charge of the flower’s selling, the more costs and expenditures were added to the flowers’ total price.

After the Yunnan’s flower production companies signed agreements with Taobao company in February, sales model that mostly relied on flowers agents were changed and flower costs were sharply cut down.  

Principals of the above three flower production companies remarked at a news conference that they would broaden planting area, introduce more high-end flower varieties from abroad, and cultivate more flower talents if the new sales model develops well.

Buyers could order immediately at a low price in Taobao stores through Juhuasuan channel, which is a professional platform focusing on group buying. Flowers with high quality put on the stores were picked out in terms of strict standards according to principals of the companies.

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 (Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)

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