Nestlé supports coffee planting in Pu'er

Third Batch of Coffee Suppliers in Pu'er to Sell 4C Compliant Coffee

[InKunming--China]  Pu'er, Yunnan - Recently, another 611 coffee famers and coffee growing companies in Yunnan have passed international third-party verification, allowing them to sell 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community) Compliant Coffee. This is the third batch of coffee suppliers that have passed the verification process since July 2013.

To date, the Nestlé team of coffee experts in Yunnan have provided free training to more than 3,000 local coffee practitioners.Among other information, participants have received 4C management handbooks, the list of banned pesticides, and Nescafé Good Agricultural Practices, all of whichhelp them in understanding the benefits of the 4C Entry-level standard and to take their first steps towards sustainability.

The 4C Entry-level standard is currently the world's most popular entry-level standard in the coffee sector. From the farm to the final buyer, it promotes sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain, by setting social, environmental and economic criteria for the sustainable production, processing and trade of green coffee.The 4C trainings aim at enhancing the practices of the coffee supply chain and to assist our suppliers in continuously improve.

So far in the 2013-2014 coffee bean purchase season, about 80% of Nestlé's total purchasescome from its procurement station from NAS 4C Units in thePu'erregions. According to the Yunnan NESCAFÉplan, by 2015, all coffee purchased in Pu'ermust comply with the 4C Entry-level standard or equivalent standards.

Thus, the 4C Association'sverification process currently conducted in Pu'eris following the national and international trends from responsible farming to responsible consumption and laid the foundation in enabling the region to continue supplying sustainable coffee to international Nescafé factories in the future.

About 93% of the coffee suppliers who passed the recent verification are smallscale farmers. The knowledge received through the 4C Association is crucial to protect the environment and to protect their future generations. All local farmers are therefore proud to pass the 4C verification process.

One of these coffee farmers, Yang Cheng-Xian, who has only six acres of land, said during the 4C verification process, "the 4C Code of Conduct require us to protect the environment, protect water sources, and therefore I have implemented sustainable waste water methods. As you can see, all my processing procedures are in compliance with the 4C Code of Conduct, minimizing the usage of water."

Wouter De Smet, Nestlé's coffee expert in Yunnan said, "since 1988, when Nestlé first started in Yunnan, it has contributed to the thriving of coffee industry in Yunnan. Implementing the 4C Entry-level standard is the next step in the development of the Yunnan Coffee Industry.

Through providing ongoing 4C training to local coffee farmers and coffee growers, we hope that, on one hand, we can help coffee farmers to achieve their production potential, improve the quality of their coffee and hence increase their incomes; while on the other hand, this would also help to transform Yunnan into a source of quality coffee produced with respect to nature and people, which in turn will ensure the continuous prosperity of Yunnan coffee in the international market".Wouteris planning to train and develop at least two additional 4C Units including in areas such as Wenshan County and Lincang City in Yunnan Province, before the next buying season.

For 26 years, Nestlé, as one of the earliest companies to invest in the agricultural sector of Southwest China, has always been upholding the company philosophy of "Creating Shared Value" and is committed to working with relevant government departments in Yunnan to jointly promote the industrialization of coffee.

In April 2013, Nestlé announced a large-scale investment of building the "Nescafé Coffee Center" in Yunnan, to promote the further development of the coffee industry. Meanwhile, to encourage coffee farmers to produce quality coffee in accordance with the 4C Entry-level standard, Nestlé has set up a special "4C Fund of Creating Shared Value" in May 2013.

With over 26 years of cultivation in Yunnan, Nestlé has made a profound impact on the province's coffee industry and economic development, and today, Yunnan has gradually developed into a thriving, profitable origin of quality Arabica coffee beans that is highly anticipated by the world's coffee sector. Nestlé coffee development project in Yunnan was widely recognized by the community, and was awarded the United Nations '2012 World Business and Development Award'. In the same year, Nestlé also received the United Nations "2012 Global Compact China Best Practice" award.

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