Take a trial run to experience China-Laos Railway


The long-awaited China-Laos Railway will be put into operation in early December. A trial run of the Chinese section of the China-Laos Railway was launched on Nov. 26.

Let’s have a look at some highlights of this international railway.



New colorful uniforms

Uniforms of train attendants are delicate and graceful, with peacock blue as the main color and some creative peony decorations using traditional embroidery. Also, the theme of uniforms is “Silk Road and Flowers,” trying to combine the Chinese culture, railway with the friendship between China and Laos.

Network coverage

The high-speed train is equipped with tray tables, charging plugs and clean lavatories. The Chinese section of the China-Laos Railway is covered with network, and 5G signals in some sections.


Large baggage loss-prevention service

It is very considerate that the train also provides a large baggage loss-prevention service. By putting an anti-loss device in the baggage, passengers use a mobile phone to connect the anti-loss device via Bluetooth. If the distance between the luggage and the phone exceeds the set range, the phone will automatically prompt.



A variety of delicious foods

There are special cold bentos, roasted pork bentos, and other Dai featured business bentos.

Beautiful cultural and creative products

In order to add spice to passengers’ experience, the train also offers cultural and creative products with the theme of the China-Laos railway. You can see circular fans embroidered with national flowers from both China and Laos and other products such as canvas bags, napkins, mouse pads, and so on.



The opening of the China-Laos Railway is a few days away. Welcome aboard!

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