Kunming cherry blossom live-stream launched amid COVID-19 epidemic


The cherries are blooming as spring arrives and weather warms up. Kunming media outlets are live-streaming the famed cherry blossoms at Kunming Zoo for Internet audiences around the world as COVID-19 probably spreads somewhere. In this way people can enjoy a different cherry blossoms view. 

Every spring, people flock to Yuantong Mountain to admire cherry blossoms, watch lanterns and listen to folk music. As the number of visitors increases year by year, it has formed a magnificent landscape of admiring cherry blossoms, which lasts for like a hundred years.


In order to better inherit this convention, Kunming Zoo has established annual Cherry Festival since 2000. People can participate in various cultural activities while enjoy the beautiful view of cherry blossoms. What’s more, those activities not only showcase Kunming’s rich folk resources, but also make visitors know more about the culture behind flowers.

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(Editors: Rachel, Christine)

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