New year of Yi nationality celebrated in Dongchuan sun valley


On December 28th 2019, the new year of Yi nationality was coming to Qiangu Yi village in Dongchuan sun valley, Kunming.

The new year of Yi nationality is called 'Kushi' in Yi language. 'Ku' means year and 'Shi'means new. The new year of Yi nationality is same as spring festival of Han nationality, both have the meaning of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year while the new year of Yi nationality is a unique traditional festival which only celebrated by Yi people.


The Yi people in the sun valley ploughed their fields with songs, danced and raked their fields to great new year. Early in the morning, in front of the sun valley village square, everyone prepared delicious dishes for the Yi's new year.

Green pine welcomed visitors, while Yi people sang the songs of toast. At 10 o 'clock in the morning, guests came from all over the places, officially opened the happy New Year period in the wonderful greeting.


In the sun valley Qiangu Yi villge, residents wandered in the lane and alley , visited their relatives and friends and listened to the sound of wind on the bridge. They sat around the fireplace, boiled tea and drank wine. Every guest was immersed in the rumbling drums of the sun valley.

Tourists had a rest to taste the delicious dishes and sweet wine while bonfires lit up the night. The artistic performance revealed the story of Yi residents' daily life, and attracted variety of cheers and applause. All the guests danced together around the bonfire in a joyful atmosphere.

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 (Editors: Kylie, Christine)

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