Dongchuan Lizigou “flowering potato” costs 19RMB per kilo

[InKunming--Kunming] A 3-day agricultural products fair of Kunming’s Dongchuan district was held on the plaza of Kunming Administration Center yesterday (Aug. 22). Some local specialties of Dongchuan are available in the fair, and citizens have the opportunity to taste real Dongchuan food on the venue.

The special geographical climate and soil properties of Dongchuan enable the potatoes here not only rich in crude fiber, protein and vitamin, but also have a soft and palatable taste. After steaming, the potatoes turn to golden yellow, like unfolding petals, hence become well-known as “flowering potato”. Five kilograms of potatoes are 98 yuan.

More than 50 Dongchuan specialties are sold on the fair, such as Qinghe watermelon, Dongchuan noodle, potato moon cake, free range chicken, etc.

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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