Bullet train links Panzhihua and Kunming to be operated

The rail section from Panzhihua south to Yongren of Chengdu-Kunming railway capacity expansion project will be officially open to traffic from January 9. There will be 3 bullet trains from Panzhihua to Kunming every day and the shortest travel time is 2 hours and 8 minutes with the first class ticket price of 117 rmb and the second 73 rmb, according to the latest news released by China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group.


CR200J train with a maximum speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour, known as The Hulk will shuttle between Panzhihua and Kunming. Adopted streamlined body shape, the internal facilities and equipment of CR200J train are basically the same as existing EMU. The power is concentrated in the head or tail of the train. There are two types of CR200J train and the short one owns 9 carriages with a fixed capacity of 720 people while the long one owns 11 to 20 carriages with a fixed capacity of 1,102 people.   


It is said that Chengdu-Kunming railway capacity expansion project running 860 kilometers is a key important part of "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network, which started construction in 2013. Currently, the Chengdu-Emei section, Yongren-Guangtong section and Guangtong-Kunming section have been completed and opened to traffic while Emei-Miyi section and Miyi-Panzhihua section are under construction.

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