Wuhua Distrct offers host of Spring Festival cultural activities

In the afternoon of January 10, Spring Festival temple fair of Kunming old street kicked off at Yunrui Park. A host of fine paintings selected from the works of 2020 the Year of the Rat Paintings Creation Competition, which is one of the activities of 13th Kunming Seagull Festival, are displayed on the spot. With strong Spring Festival atmosphere, people can enjoy a good time at the temple fair while admiring nice paintings.


In order to promote the overall image of the old street of Kunming and attract more people to feel the festive atmosphere, 2020 Spring Festival temple fair will last to February 9. Citizens can visit Yongdao flower market, Spring Festival shopping street and time-honored gourmet street.


Yongdao flower market

A flower market is held on Yongdao street from January 7 to February 9. People can admire gorgeous flowers and purchase potted plants. Mechants decorate the streets with Yunnan’s particular flowers such as camellia, rose, azalea, peony flowers and so on, fully presenting the reputation of “Kingdom of Plants”.


Spring Festival shopping street 

Doing shopping is an essential part to gear up for Spring Festival. The folk Spring Festival shopping street ranges from Jingxing Street and Kunming flea market to Zhengyi West Street. People can buy folk crafts, southeast Asia food, handmade products, household products. At the same time, there will also be various art performances and intangible cultural heritage performances on the streets.


Time-honored gourmet street

During the period from January 14 to January 23, a number of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage will be invited to set booths up at time-honored street to showcase how "craftsman spirit" works in products. Moreover, there will be a gourmand food area where people can try delicious cuisine. Two collections of “Best gourmet” and “Top Creation Band” will be held then and the winners will be awarded honorary certificates and charge vouchers with the value of 1000 yuan.


“Paste Spring Festival couplets and pictures is the traditional custom for our Chinese people. I really want to bring some fine paintings home.” Mr. Wang said that there are a lot of fun in this temple fair.


Sazal, a Bangladeshi student studying at Southwest Forestry University introduced that he visited Kunming old street twice and always was impressed by clean streets and great architectures. Although it is the first time for him to celebrate Spring Festival, he still felt the thick flavor of Spring Festival without knowing much about the meaning.

Compared with the offline activities, of 2020 the Year of the Rat Paintings Creation Competition is also in full swing. After 20 days of collection, more than 200 works were submitted by adults, teenagers and children. At present, people can follow the "kunming wuhua release"(昆明五华发布) public account in Wechat to vote for their favorite works. The final six works with the most votes will be printed and distributed to the public for free.

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