Kunming Country Park to hold plum blossom exhibition greeting Spring Festival


From January 25 to February 16, the 11th plum blossom exhibition and cultural temple fair will be held at Kunming Country Park. People in Kunming can go there to enjoy a great Spring Festival time. They can watch dragon and lion dance, admire beautiful flowers or have a barbecue.


From January 25 to 31, the park will invite dragon and lion dance team to give a lively performance for all the visitors. At the same time, visitors can taste snacks and enjoy temple fair at Vanilla Garden. Moreover, there will be some “clowns” walk around in the park to send presents with good blessings to tourists.


Recently, beautiful plums are blossoming at Kunming Country Park. About 3,000 plum trees decorate the park a pink wonderland. Those who love flowers are supposed to grab their camera there. They can not only see pink plums under the blue sky, but also midget crabapple, azalea and Japanese cherry. People can have a outdoor barbecue as well.


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(Editors: Rachel, Christine)

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