Flower Dishes Satisfy Tastebuds in Yunnan

Spring is the season of flowers. In Yunnan, spring is the season of eating flowers, they like to enjoy spring time in such a special way. 

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Many friends' recognition of Yunnan standing at the top of the food chain is still at the level of wild mushrooms and fried insects. Unexpectedly, Yunnan has flower-eating dishes!

Now it's the season for Yunnan people to eat flowers again. What kind of lovely flowers will be made into delicious "spring dishes"? Let's have a look!


Flower feast. Photo/Huitu.com 


Many people know that people in Yunnan eat roses, the well-known Rose Flower Cake.

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It's a typical "flower dish" in Yunnan. With edible roses petals, crisp crust; after biting, you can see tender rose petals, taste the sweet filling, leaving a scent of flowers in your mouth. 

Scotch Broom

The common way to eat scotch broom is to cook with eggs, remember to avoid fish and pork. In terms of seasoning, less salt is better, to taste the sweetness and freshness of the flower. Chew more and you will taste the sweet flower juice, which you will never tire of eating.


Photo/Liziyaya. Red 

Kapok Flower

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Kapok flower is also called "Panzhihua". In spring, the kapok trees begin to sprout. As the weather warms up, the branches of kapok are covered with bright red flowers.

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Kapok flower not the whole flower is edible. The edible part is only the stamen, which has the effect of clearing away heat and cooling blood.

Pear Flower

Pear flower is a relatively common flower in Yunnan, and it can be found in vegetable markets.

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It has a strong scent of flowers when it blooms, but it tastes a bit bitter, so it needs to be rinsed and soaked in water for a long time before eating. Seasoned with just a little salt is enough to ensure the delicious taste. Stir-fried pear flower, pear flower salad, pear flower eggs...All tasty and fresh, better than a large table of meat dishes.

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Pomegranate Flower

People have eaten pomegranates, but may not have eaten pomegranate flowers.

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Pomegranate flowers are not only beautiful but also delicious. The edible part is the calyx, and it is most suitable to stir-fry with bacon. Its crisp and tender taste may increase your appetite; besides, pomegranate flower also has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and moistening lungs.


Jasmine Flower

Jasmine flower may remind you the very classic Chinese folk song. But the first thing that comes to mind of Yunnan people is the very delicious jasmine flower.

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Scrambled eggs with jasmine is the most common way to eat the flower. The fried jasmine wrapped in eggs is very delicious, and may leave a scent of jasmine in your mouth.

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Pumpkin Flower

The way Yunnan people eat pumpkin flowers is to fry. Paste the pumpkin flowers and deep-fry them at high temperature, the high temperature of oil can force out the scent of the flowers, and add a little salt and pepper on them after frying.

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Banana Flower

Banana flower tastes a little bitter, which needs to be manually rubbed, boiled and other processes to remove the bitter taste. This is a unique Dai flavor in Yunnan. Most home-cooked dishes are fried pork with banana flowers. In addition, crispy banana flowers, fried eggs with banana flowers are also classic Yunnan-style dishes.

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Photo/Tahuaxing. 图源: 踏花行

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Palm Flower

Palm flower is the buds of palm trees. Because they are wrapped in the bark, and the grains are like millet, they are called palm millet. Its shape is a bit like fish roe. Palm flower can be fried with bacon, stewed with chicken.

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Dasheen Flower



Be careful when eating dasheen flower! Because it is poisonous if people not deal with it properly. Wear gloves carefully when trim it for cooking, cut them into small pieces, shave off the green skin and flower core; heat the oil, add some chili and stir-fry them until cooked. The green stems and red flowers, the smell mixed chili and the flowers in the air, make the dish very appetizing.


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Photo/Dianshuxiaoerguo. Red 

In addition, dasheen flowers are fried with eggplant and chili sauce, which is a very authentic Pu'er home-cooked dish "stir-fried dasheen flowers with sauce".

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Although the flowers are delicious, eat them carefully. If you eat them by mistake or if the cooking steps are wrong, you may feel uncomfortable.

In Yunnan, the blooming flowers not only leave the lingering fragrance, but also create the endless delicacy.

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