Flowers in full bloom on Diqing Plateau as Spring Equinox comes

In Weixi county, rapeseed flowers, pear flowers, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, magnolias, azaleas are all in full bloom, which forms a beautiful oil painting with all kinds of colors. The villagers are busy with spring ploughing in the fields, either hoeing or irrigating.





A villager named Sunnuo is busy with planting grape seedlings in the field, he told the reporter that there was no ditch in the village before, farmlands could not be irrigated and they could only grow some drought-resistant corps. In recent years, the local government has built ditches in the village so villagers are trying to grow more varieties of corps.



As spring comes, citizens will come to Tangdui village, Shangri-La, to enjoy the famous Nixi Chicken Hotpot and to admire peach blossoms on weekends. In recent years, Tangdui village has attracted a large number of tourists at home and abroad by virtue of Nixi Black Pottery, Nixi Chicken Hotpot and peach blossom in spring, sunflowers in summer and highland barley in autumn. Through the development of rural tourism, the villagers also began to run inns, exhibition halls, Black Pottery workshops and so forth, which largely increased their income.



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