Fantastic plants in Yunnan: Flowers that bloom only at night


The blooming red flowers of powder-puff trees are like fireworks exploding in the night sky, and will fall in the next morning. (Photo/Mo Haibo)

In the magical flower world, some flowers only bloom at night and then wither in the morning. Due to the short flowering phase, it is hard to get a glimpse of the blooming flowers, which makes them quite mysterious. There are some of these kinds of flowers in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science. Let’s get to know the fantastic plants recorded by some beautiful photographs.


Nyctocalos pinnatum: the corolla is long funnel-shaped and the color is pure white. They bloom only at night and wither in the morning. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Nightblooming Cereus is also called dragon fruit. They are of pleasant aroma and look like Epiphyllum. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Sausage tree.: the flowers are purplish red and can be pollinated by nocturnal moths or bats. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Capparis fohaiensis: the white flowers are as beautiful as snow and jade. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Schisandra macrocarpa blossoms tiny light yellow flowers cluster on old stems. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Shallot’s flowers usually bloom from 7 to 9 PM for only 1-2 hours. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


Oroxylum seed: the flowers bloom in light yellow from June to September. (Photo/Mo Haibo)


“The night flowers”, which usually bloom at night and a small number of them occasionally stay until next morning at 9 am. The flowers are pure white, small and exquisite. (Photo/Mo Haibo)

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