How do residents from local Dai ethnic group eat rapeseed flowers?


The fields and hills across southwest China's Yunnan Province are ablaze with yellow rapeseed flowers. Local people have found different ways to enjoy the gift of nature.

Delicacies such as pickled rapeseed and deep-fried rapeseed flower pancakes are welcomed by residents of the local Dai ethnic group.

"Our local specialties, such as flower cakes, pancakes, or pork ribs, cannot be cooked without the rapeseed flowers. The rapeseed runs through our life," said villager Dao Guomei.

The rapeseed stem is also used to make tea. Stems are selected and then dried with leaves and branches. 

"During the first lunar month, Dai people harvest the stems and drink the tea at occasions such as funerals, weddings and the Spring Festival," explained villager Dao Shaozhong. He says the herbal tea is a digestive aid consumed at family gatherings.

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