Daily trading volume of wild mushroom in Kunming reaches 100 tons


The golden season for foodies to eat wild mushrooms in Yunnan is from June to August. The variety and quantity of mushroom in Kunming Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Market increased a lot, attracting a large number of buyers and visitors. At present, the daily trading volume of wild mushroom in Kunming can reach 100 tons. 

There are more agaricus deliciosus and boletus edulis coming into the market, but less russula virescens and thelephora ganbajun in early June. Collybia albuminosa price is about 700 yuan/kg, thelephora ganbajun is 800 to 1200 yuan/kg, boletus edulis is 120 to 300 yuan/kg, and russula virescens is about 300 yuan/kg.

“I spent 300 yuan to buy some to fry or make soup.” Ms. Kong, who just bought wild mushrooms, said that she thought the price was too high or she would have bought some thelephora ganbajun to fry with rice. Mr. Wang, a vendor in the market, told that he started his wild mushroom business in mid-May and has been doing so for nearly 10 years. “Tens of kilograms can be sold every day.” Wang said sales are expected to double in the peak season.

It should be noted that people are encouraged to buy mushroom in the formal markets and thoroughly cook the mushroom before consumption as the mushroom poisoning is common and may present with gastrointestinal and a variety of other symptoms. Any poisoning, serious or not, should be treated immediately.

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