Ripely delicious peaches in Yunnan’s Jinning are waiting for you


Recently, peaches grown in large areas in Ganhai village, Liujie town, Jinning district of Kunming have entered the harvest time. People who like peaches could order some via mobile phone or drive there with children to experience the fun of picking. 

Originating from Israel, the peach planted in Ganhai village is called “ Shengmu spring peach” by villages and has the characteristics of early ripening, bright color and good fruits. Now, as the full bearing period, the fruits taste sweet and slightly sour, with pleasant fragrance. 

These days, Li Chunhua, party secretary and committee director of Ganhai village, are pretty busy, because the peach trees in his garden are already full of fruits, waiting to be picked. 


It is said that the Shengmu spring peach has the advantage of high quality and high efficiency with less investment and simple management, so the Gaihai village committee decided to help villagers increase income by cultivating this kind of peach years ago. Free seedlings had been distributed to the villagers and to encourage planting and managing, Li Chunhua himself planted 4 acres of this peach as well. Last year, the better-managed peach trees began to bear fruits. At present, the large peaches can be sold for 16 yuan per kilogram, while the medium sized can be sold for about 8 yuan per kilogram on average. 

In order to maintain the vitality and long-term development of the planting industry, led by the fruit growers, Liujie town has also continuously adjusted the planting structure and introduced new species to rich varieties. Some villagers have planted Chinese pear-leaved crabapple, apple, mulberry and other economic fruit, which laid a solid foundation for the town to build a brand of green ecological economy.  

If you would like to pick the peaches by yourself and enjoy the delicacy, please call 13518709737, and Li Chunhua will answer your questions.  

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