Harvesting plums are ready to be picked at Yuanmou county on Jul. 13

[InKunming--YunnanThe 2nd Yuanmou Xinhua Rural Culture Tourism Festival, which is also a plum picking festival, will be held in Chuxiong on July 13. People are welcomed to pick plums, visit earth forest and eat local food.


There will be a host of rural-style activities during the festival, such as plum picking, cultural performances, fishing competition, one-day free tour of forest, bonfire party and so on.


The plum of Xinhua is not the ordinary one, but is a new variety by grafting plum branches in peach trees. It has juicy and sweet taste, and is rich in vitamin C, protein, calcium, iron and other nutrition. If you expect to get close to the nature, the national 4A scenic spot Yuanmou Langbapu Earth Forest would be open to tourists during the festival. You will feel like you are on another planet because of the unique landscape in earth forest.


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