Finding beauty in ordinary life, a Kunming local captures flowers everyday

[InKunming--KunmingLife is never lack of beauties, yet you need to discover them with your eyes. Yao Yunxia is exactly the person who is talented in finding beauties. Her post “Capturing 80 kinds of flowers in 3 years makes you know the flower city” received 24,143 views, 51 likes and 56 comments in just three days on Cailong Club, an online forum in Kunming.




Yao Yunxia wrote a caption for each flower, and thoughtful recommended the places and seasons to admire flowers. For instance, she suggested the best place to appreciate peach blossom was Chenggong Luolong Lake from February to March.



Taking a walk in parks or gardens is a daily basis before going to work. Yao expands the strolling area to villages, hills, fields where she photographed those flowers. She still keeps the walking habit in the morning now and attempts to discover more species of flower.



“I would write my feelings down after shooting, and upload to social media like Cailong Club, Wechat’s moment and Sina Weibo.” Yao said she would check the information or consult experts of each flower before sharing. As time passes by, she has a general understanding of flowers in Kunming. 



In more than three years, Yao accumulated pictures and texts so that she had 80 photos of different flowers and more than 10,000 words introducing different categories. She praised Kunming as a livable city which has unique natural environment and climate, and flowers can be seen every season. Since Yao makes morning walks a part of her daily routine, she lives a life full of potpourri and goodness.

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