A 29-kg fish caught during the fishing festival in Kunming’s Yangzonghai

It’s time to fish in Yangzonghai Lake! From the early morning of October 15, fishers living in Haiyan village have taken boats to Yangzonghai lake with their tools and nets. At about 6 a.m., the first villager, Li Yaming, who came back with fruitful results on his boat had begun to move the fish to the truck. He would take all the fish to the market.


“I got over 150 kg of fish, most of which are silver carp. The largest one is about 7 or 8 kg.” Li said.


Around 7 o’ clock, the fishing time of the first day ended. Shi Guoliang, another fisherman, said the result of 200-kg fish exceeds his expectations. Shi has lived in the seaside of Yangzonghai lake for generations. 

He has fished with his father since childhood, which was a particularly beautiful memory for him. However, after the pollution happened in the lake, fishing was forbidden by the government. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the government to promote the ecological environment of the lake, villagers are able to fish again after 11 years.


At 9 am, the first batch of fresh fish has been taken to the square to sale. People flocked to the square to share the joy of fishing with fishers. The “fish king” auction was about to start at 10 am. When the 29-kg, 1.1-meter-long fish was carried by two strong young men, people took out their phones to take photos. After several rounds of bidding, the “fish kings” was finally sold for 4,500 yuan.

“The fish raised in natural environment of Yangzonghai lake are obviously larger and have long tail.” According to the staff from Yangzonghai office. People came to the square can buy not only fresh fish, but also food with good quality, such as vegetable, fruits, flowers, mushroom, etc..

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