Pick your chaenomeles in Tanhua Temple Park, a park and orchard


[InKunming--Kunming] Chaenomeles on the branches turn from green to yellow, and look like girls’ red cheeks under the sun. This beautiful scenery can be seen in Kunming’s Tanhua Temple which is a park and orchard. There are more than 500 chaenomeles trees hanging with ripe fruits. From August 17 to 31, visitors are welcomed to pick chaenomeles and explore more activities in the park.


The whole chaenomeles garden covers an area of over 3,000 square meters. It is the largest and most concentrated area of chaenomeles planting and picking in Kunming. From August 17, visitors are able to pick by themselves using professional tools provided by the park. 


Although the total output of chaenomeles in Tanhua Temple park this year is less than last year due to the drought, the quality is better than previous, and chaenomeles are sweeter and sourer. All the fruits have not turned into golden color at present, but they are basically mature and ready to pick.


Visitors can enter the chaenomeles garden under the guidance of the staff and pick whichever one you like. Picking tools are provided for free. The chaenomeles picked by yourselves are 25 yuan per kilogram, and some picked are sold in the park as well. Chaenomeles is the best cooking ingredient with chicken or fish in Yunnan.


In addition to chaenomeles picking, there is a barbecue area in the park. About 60 BBQ tables are set to serve six or seven hundred people at the same time. More activities, such as chaenomeles painting and photography contest, are also held in the park.

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