Flowering Potatoes in Dongchuan

In the past, people planted potatoes to feed themselves in Dongchuan District. Nowadays, potato has become a must dish for Dongchuan people to entertain guests, especially the flowering potatoes from Lizigou. The potato is loose in texture and has a soft and thin skin after boiled, looking like it has flowered. When you take a bite, it melts in the mouth and inadvertently awakens the taste buds.


The "golden potato" in the potato feast of  Lizigou in Dongchuan. 

With the gradual enrichment of the choices of food materials, a single way of eating potato cannot meet the diversified tastes. Hence, smart Dongchuan people figured out various ways of cooking potatoes, such as  golden potato, dry fried shredded potatoes, Grandma's mashed potatoes with pickles, baked potato, etc., so that the potatoes can tasted in various flavors.


Potatoes baba have been deep-fried in hot cooking oil. 

As one of the three treasures of Dongchuan, the potato has become a cultural symbol, which shows Dongchuan people's beautiful expectations and yearning for a better life.


Baked potato sold by street vendor in Dongchuan. 


Flowering potatoes of Lizigou in Dongchuan cooked in the burned firewood. 

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