China-Laos Railway hits records in passenger and freight shipments since opening 8 months

According to China Railway Kunming Group Co.,Ltd, as of Aug. 2, the China-Laos Railway has transported 5.54 million passengers and 6 million tonnes of cargo since the railway’s opening 8 months ago, including 4.84 million passengers on the Chinese section, 700,000 passengers on the Lao section, and 1.06 million tonnes of cross-border cargo.

In July, the whole line of the China-Laos Railway transported 1.45 million passengers in a month, the highest in history, with an average of 46,000 passengers per day, setting a record of transporting 56,000 passengers a day. During the summer, the passenger capacity of Yunnan railway continues to grow, which drives consumption in tourist destinations along the railway. On Jul. 23, the tourist train from Lijiang to Xishuangbanna was launched, tourists who depart from the snow mountain in the evening can reach the rainforest in the morning, the combination of travel and accommodation is time-saving and cost-saving. The train connects two hot tourist destinations in Yunnan, and provides tourists with more comfortable and convenient experiences.

To meet the needs of different clients for transportation, the railway department actively explores new modes of international railway transportation such as "Lancang-Mekong Express" + cross-border e-commerce, "China-Laos Railway + China-Europe Railway Express", and constantly enhances the radiation effect of the China-Laos railway and the capacity of cross-border transportation to allow more enterprises to enjoy the opportunities and benefits brought by the China-Laos Railway, and maximize the role of the China-Laos Railway as an economic hub.

At present, 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China have launched cross-border freight trains on the China-Laos Railway. The freight transport has covered Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and other countries and regions. The varieties of goods have increased from more than 100 species at the beginning to more than 1200 species now. The international freight train via the China-Laos Railway has increased from 1 pair to 5-6 pairs per day. With the constant improvement of the functional facilities and equipment of railway ports and stations in the future, the capacity of cross-border cargo transportation will be further improved.

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