Kunming Area helps accelerate the development of private science and technology enterprises

Since April, the new combined tax and fee support policies came into effect in Yunnan, and the scale of private enterprises to make full use of supportive policies reached a record high.

The implementation of all the practical measures continuously releases vitality and boosts the economic development of enterprises. "Yunnan had reduced the tax burden and increased cash flow for enterprises by 42.31 billion yuan from January to April. In the first month of implementing the policy, it achieved a good start." Guo shunmin, director of Yunnan Provincial Taxation Bureau, said.


Science and technology enterprises benefit from the tax policies.

Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnei power) is an important R&D and manufacturing base for advanced diesel engines. Its factory settles in Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Kunming Economic Development Zone), covering an area of 1000 mu. The advanced casting, processing, assembly, and other key equipment and software development platforms are very professional and always surprise people.

In recent years, Yunnei power has made breakthroughs in core technologies such as engine chips and new fuel engines in the fierce market competition, but the pressure on R&D expenditure has also increased.

"At the beginning of April, the staff of the taxation bureau of Kunming Area took action to publicize the new combined tax policy and gave professional guidance on the handling procedures of VAT rebate." Zhu Guoyou, the finance director of the company, said that offering the company the money that can be refunded in the future in advance can directly improve the cash flow.

On the morning of April 11, the taxation bureau of the district received the tax refund application from Yunnei power. The next day, the enterprise received a tax refund of 99 million yuan. In the past few days, the enterprise received another tax rebate of 38 million yuan in May.

According to the relevant person in charge of the company, these two tax rebates totaling more than 100 million yuan will be wisely used for scientific and technological innovation. In addition to increasing the research and development of cutting-edge engine technologies and the layout of new energy, this money will also be used to store ECU chips for automotive engines so as to lay a solid foundation for the high-quality and sustainable development of the enterprise.

As for Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron and Steel Company, they cannot stop the costly production while the price of steel is falling and the price of coal is rising. After submitting the application for a VAT rebate, the tax refund of 60.98 million yuan also came to the account soon. "What a 'timely rain'!" The person in charge said.

Release the dividends of the tax and fee reduction policy to market entities.

To ensure the implementation of the new combined tax support policy, the finance, taxation, and other departments of Yunnan Province have closely cooperated to strengthen the organization, coordination, supervision, and guidance of tax reduction and fee reduction and timely corrected problems such as the ineffective implementation of policies, untimely release of funds.

A huge number of enterprises, which enjoyed the dividends brought by the policy, can be summarized as: the large-scale tax rebate policy was implemented for 30,300 taxpayers, with a tax rebate of 33.93 billion yuan in April. A total of 36.46 billion yuan of tax rebate was handled for enterprises this year; the tax cuts and fees of Yunnan increased by 2.86 billion yuan during the first quarter; 2.99 billion yuan for small, medium, and micro-enterprises in the manufacturing industry could be deferred.

Handling government services on the Internet provides people with great convenience.

On May 18, an event of centralized distribution of post stabilization return funds of unemployment insurance was held in Changning County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, involving a subsidy of 1.5675 million yuan, benefiting 3,129 employees of small, medium, and micro enterprises in 101 enterprises.

Kunming Zhensong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly engages in the front-end business of the general machinery and machine tool manufacturing industry chain. They received 2468.90 yuan of the urban construction tax and education surcharge from January to February. "The figure looks small, but it is enough for us to pay social insurance for two employees. Under the increasing pressure of revenue, a penny can help a little bit," Lu Shunmei, the company's finance director, said. "It's very convenient that people can complete all the procedures on a mobile phone or computer," Lu added.

In recent years, "one mobile phone service" has paved a new "path" for government services in less developed areas of Yunnan. Date shows 139,900 pieces can be finished per day, providing people with great convenience.

Faced with many uncertainties in the environment, Yunnan's economy has seen a good start in the first quarter. The provincial gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter reached 646.6 billion yuan, up by 5.3% year on year at comparable prices, 0.5 percentage points higher than that of the whole country.

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