The voice of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone spreads home and abroad


Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone actively speaks up to the world.

Since 2021, the management committee of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone releases institutional innovation achievements to the public timely through online and offline, domestic and international media platforms, which widely spreads the voice of Kunming Area at home and abroad.

“Free Trade” becomes a buzzword when it comes to Kunming’s development

Since the release of the first institutional innovation case in January 2021, Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone) has held 15 offline press conferences about institutional innovation, released more than 40 institutional innovation cases involving commercial finance, commercial system reform, talent introduction, investment cooperation, education and medical reform, social governance, electricity trading, and the opening up of the China-Laos railway, which have received high attention from the national, provincial and municipal mainstream media. The national media such as Xinhua Net and People’s Daily has published 354 reports. 30 reports were on the front pages of Yunnan Daily and Kunming Daily. The press conferences were simultaneously live-streamed on the official Weibo account “昆明经济技术开发区管委会”, with a total of 5.42 million views and the highest view of one session reaching 510,000.         

"Free Trade" has become a buzzword in Kunming's economic and social development over the past year. “Press conferences about institutional innovation have given us a chance to let the public, enterprises and merchants to know us and remember us”, owners of different enterprises showed up at the press conferences to share useful experiences.

Built international communication platforms

Pilot free trade zones are windows of opening up. Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone actively builds international communication platforms and speaks up to the world. 

Since August 2020, the official English and Burmese sub-sites of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone have been online. The official account of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been opened, on which postings in Chinese, English, Burmese and Lao are posted.

The website provides comprehensive, novel and effective information for foreign merchants. The postings on overseas social networks include the introduction of beautiful scenery, food, culture, festivals, customs and tourism in Yunnan and Kunming; the introduction of national hot issues such as the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, COP15 and the China-Laos Railway. Latest news about trade and investment, the China-Laos Railway, favorable policies of the area and public events, which are translated into English and Burmese, are reported on the official English website “InKunming” and the official Burmese website “”, which are affiliated to Kunming Information Hub, which introduce the investment policies and development opportunities of Kunming Area to overseas countries.

By March 2022, the official English website of the Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone had been viewed 13 million times, and the official Burmese website was 11.5 million times. The total postings on the official Facebook account reached more than 2600, the postings on the official Twitter account reached more than 2700, and videos on the official YouTube account reached 26. The reports about the Kunming Area on Kunming Information Hub’s official English and Burmese websites reached 179, including 83 Burmese reports and 96 English reports. The WeChat Official Account “自贸昆明” has been posted 38 Chinese-English bilingual reports and 28 Chinese-Burmese bilingual reports.

These platforms have become an invisible but solid bridge for Kunming to carry out economic and trade exchanges, and cultural exchanges with international merchants.

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