Kunming Area gets the cultural and creative development on the fast track


In recent years, the development of cultural and creative industries in the Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Jingkai Area) has made gratifying achievements and has gradually been on the fast track. A number of cultural and creative industrial parks in various fields are emerging, such as Huahong and Ruifeng printing in the printing and publishing industry, Jianxingli and Gudian Jade in Jadeite market, Three-color Space and Youliyuan in advertising design, Jincai Vision in animation film and television and other ethnic and folk craft companies.


As of now, Kunming Area has supported 208 cultural and creative enterprises with 34.09 million yuan. There are 780 cultural and creative companies in total, and 21 companies above state designated scale. The main business income in 2021 is 23.786 billion yuan, 17.53% higher than last year. There are 3 provincial cultural and creative industrial parks, 1 municipal cultural and creative industrial park, and 2 district-level cultural and creative industrial incubators.


Live streaming promotes digitization of the industrial park.

In 2021, the Kunming Area has completed the construction of a 5G+ smart application exhibition hall, which is equipped with face recognition, MR, AR, VR, an intelligent control system, and other hardware and software facilities. It integrates the current cutting-edge digital technology application methods which demonstrate the effects of applying artificial intelligence and Internet of Things(IOT). At the same time, a group of media companies such as live streaming, short video, and shooting had gathered here, forming a relatively concentrated online industry cluster in Kunming. This online industry cluster has vigorously promoted the development of the digital cultural industry in the Kunming Area.

Siku Live streaming Industrial Park, as a core component of the Siku Cultural and Creative Park, aims to build a digital cultural gathering park, focusing on incubating industries such as live streaming, e-commerce, media, and film and television. According to the relevant person in charge of the Siku Live streaming Industrial Park, more than 40 entrepreneurial teams and companies are currently settled in the park, including more than 20 short video and live streaming companies, more than 100 entertainment studios, and over 30 e-commerce rooms. The warehouse's live streaming scene is about 3000 square meters, and there are 80 anchor hotel rooms, making the park the most concentrated live streaming industry in Kunming. In addition, the park also cooperated with the Yunpin Organizing Committee to establish a live streaming base for selected Yunnan high-quality products. Siku Live streaming Industrial Park joined hands with Douyin Fresh and Pu'er tea bases to incubate popular anchors.

The live commerce in this park mainly promotes Yunnan products, especially the tea products each day, 30,000 tea cakes could be sold with 5,000 orders of combined packages placed. The daily economic value is over 2 million yuan. The entertainment live streaming sector of the park can yield 5 million yuan every month, and the monthly output value of live commerce is about 8 million yuan. The annual income is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. With the rapid development of live streaming, the park has also established an online influencer academy, which adopts a training and incubation model to incubate local influencers in Yunnan, providing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for many young people.


In addition to the Siku Live streaming Industrial Park, the Master Club International Digital Intelligence Creative Industry Park is also an important place to promote the digital development of the cultural industry in the Kunming Area. As the second industrial park under the Master Club, the International Digital Intelligence Creative Industry Park takes digital information, digital economy, big data, artificial intelligence, human resource services, and other industries as its core, relying on the resource advantages and development positioning of Kunming Area, and strives to create resource sharing, talent sharing, and service sharing and building a digital and intelligent creative industry park for the internationalization of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The park incubated many key projects such as Huishuo Video, Meijie Technology, and Houmianyu Technology. Huishuo Video was established in Kunming in 2018, focusing on hand-painted animation video production, game development, and other businesses. It is the only company in China that can produce hand-painted videos on a large scale. Last year, its annual revenue had reached 10 million yuan.

creating diversified cultural and creative products on the basis of inheriting and carrying forward traditional culture



With the remarkable Zushi Yunnan embroidery and the Han clothing culture sought after by countless young people, Hongyi School from Ziyun Qingniao Yunnan Cultural and Creative Exposition plays a pivotal role in the cluster development of cultural and creative enterprises in Kunming Area. Since its establishment in 2010, more than 100 cultural, creative, technological, and commercial enterprises had settled in the park, with over 500 small and micro companies and incubation teams registered. A comprehensive development platform integrating sales, training, technology research and development, and business services has become a key cultural and creative industry cluster and an exchange and cooperation base in Yunnan Province.


Hongyi School is the only provincial-level key vocational college in Yunnan with tea, flower and fragrance as its teaching theme. It has a tea institute, a flower institute, and a fragrance institute and so forth. Since the establishment in 2009, more than 20,000 fellow practitioners who love tea ceremonies, incense, ikebana, and life aesthetics home and abroad have studied there. 


Hongyi School is committed to reviving 3 industries and 3 cultures through education: namely, reviving tea culture in the world's tea sources, reviving flower culture in the flower market, and reviving fragrance culture in the flora kingdom.  

In addition, the journalists came to visit Yunnan Xinhua Bookstore Book Co., Ltd., located at No. 3 Jingkai Road, Kunming. On the second floor of the company, they experienced the "Linlang Xiaozhi" independently developed by Yunnan Xinhua Bookstore Book Co., Ltd., a 24-hour smart bookstore, digital cultural wall, and other projects. They also appreciated the small pea series and Yunshang nostalgia series designed and produced by Yunnan Xinhua Bookstore Book Co., Ltd.

The relevant person in charge of the teaching materials for colleges and universities from Xinhua Bookstore explained Xinhua Bookstore's philosophy for the creation of cultural and creative products, "In our opinion, cultural and creative is a comprehensive concept and a cultural attachment. We must discover some excellent elements from the product's history and modernity and integrate them organically so that this cultural and creative product can truly be cultural. It thus can be favored by consumers. Meanwhile, this is also the attitude and spirit that a real cultural and creative product should possess."

Ecologically developing cultural and creative products 

With lush greenery and gurgling water, inside the building of Yunnan Yizhu Municipal Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd., located in the Guolin Zhongchuang Space, the original "Evergreen Rubik's Cube" and "Multi-dimensional Landscape" and other landscape systems and technological innovation methods created by Yizhu visually displayed the cultural and creative products with Yunnan’s ecological characteristics.


Since its establishment, Yunnan Yizhu Municipal Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating exquisite garden spaces. In terms of landscape positioning, Yizhu proposes a one-stop service system for landscapes, which uses the concept of ecology to extend new products to enrich the exquisite immense landscape. And it uses "wise, cultural and artistic landscape" to define its products.


Yizhu spent 4 years researching and developing the "Magic Cube Landscape" project, which obtained the invention patent this year. The product categories include three-dimensional landscape, plane landscape, and intelligent landscape products. It is a multi-dimensional landscape that incorporates technology and humanities that can be freely moved and changed. The person in charge of Yunnan Yizhu Municipal Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. said, "our technology will focus on health care and medical systems. While forming a green ecological barrier, it can also effectively prevent the re-transmission and infection of mosquitoes to patients."

The Rubik's Cube landscape created by Yizhu can decorate the immense landscape. The tea tables, pendulums, and basin pendulum products can have a "self-circulation and good maintenance" function. With the intelligent landscape and finishing design, Yizhu can complete the overall landscape design at one time, which has a sense of design and functionality and is also convenient and cost-effective for customers.

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