Lao newspaper Pasaxon praised the official Laotian website of Kunming Area


On May 23, the organ of the Lao Party Central Committee, the Pasaxon published an article entitled “First in China! The official Laotian website of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone was launched”, disseminating the launch of the Laotian website of Kunming Area to the Lao people, and telling the “Story of Kunming Area”.

This article has attracted widespread attention from the Lao society and has become a successful example of overseas communication, helping the Kunming Area to open a new chapter in its southward development.

It is known that the Pasaxon was founded in 1950, covering politics, economy, military, culture, tourism and other aspects. Now it is one of the newspapers with the largest circulation in Laos.

From multiple aspects like Kunming Area explores the new mode of “four routes to communicate overseas”, builds the “1+N” international communication omni-media matrix and so on, the Pasaxon comprehensively reported the high-quality development process and diversified stories of Kunming Area, showing a diverse and authentic Kunming Area to the outside world.

The Pasaxon said that the launch of the official Laotian website has become a real and innovative measure for the Kunming Area to actively take advantage of Laos’ geographical advantages and the opportunities of China’s opening to the south, boosting the new journey of “Kunming Area Time” officially begins.

The special report of the Pasaxon on the official Laotian website of the Kunming Area is an important achievement of the China-Laos Community with a shared future, a full affirmation of Yunnan’s opening and dissemination, and a great opportunity for Kunming Area to show its good image and development prospects. It is expected to help the overall development level of the Kunming Area, the Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the Kunming Free Trade Zone to a new level, and promote the opening up of Yunnan Province to the outside world. 

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