A new batch of innovation cases released by Kunming Area

Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone held a special press conference on system innovation of talent work and investment cooperation on March 31st, and released a new batch of innovation cases in this area.

The Kunming Area has achieved remarkable results in introducing and cultivating talents. By the end of 2020, the total number of talents there reached 72,900, with a talent density of 26.7 %. In 2020, it introduced and trained 452 high-level talents at home and abroad, received 594 fresh college graduates, introduced 8 high-level talent teams and implemented 11 talent projects.

Based on its favourable business environment and industrial foundation, the Kunming Area has ranked first for 10 consecutive years in the comprehensive evaluation of the actual performance of investment attraction in Kunming.

Case 1

Borrow talents

American cockroach has high clinical value and development value as further research and clinical results have revealed its notable effect on tissue mucosal healing, repair of liver injury, immune regulation, heart failure treatment and so on. Four approved Chinese pharmaceuticals using it as one raw material are all from Yunnan , and three of them are from the Kunming Area.

In recent years, the enterprises in the Kunming Area have made use of American cockroach to develop large-scale circular economy, actively serving and integrating into China’s green development strategy. They have cooperated with universities outside Yunnan to establish innovation and development initiative of American cockroach . “This can shorten the research and development circle, improve the quality of it and form a long-term cross-regional working mechanism of industry-university-research collaboration,” Dong Jia, the Vice Minister of System Innovation Department of Kunming Area said. “In the mean time, the talents from other provinces can help cultivate local medical talents, overcoming the talents shortage.” 

At present, enterprises here have built a complete industrial chain of American cockroach, and successfully seize the initiative of developing medicines for chronic hepatitis B and injections for heart failure treatment. They have 36 authorized patents for invention, utility model and appearance, and are applying for over 30 patents. Their related cumulative economic benefits have exceeded 10 billion yuan. Medicines serve more than 100 million patients in 4,500 hospitals nationwide, among which Kangfuxin liquid has occupied 44% of the Chinese traditional medicine market for ulcer of digestive system, ranking first.

Case 2

Services from waiters

The growth of Yunnan Huahong Technology Co., Ltd introduced in 2009 is one successful example of “waiter” services provided by the local governments of Kunming Economic and Technological Development zone and the Kunming Area.

Huahong had invested 130 million yuan in October 2014 to build a production headquarters, but one of its major customers decided to go to its factory to check the production index system in June 2015, making the construction work in a hurry. Considering the difficulties faced by Huahong, main leaders of the zone held meetings on the site for three times and coordinated resources to help the object complete and put into operation in time, which laid a solid foundation for Huahong’s future market expansion.

After more than 10 years of development, Huahong has expanded its business in the field of high-end package printed matter, cigarette gift boxes and social high-end printing, establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with well-known enterprises at home and abroad. From 2010 to 2020, its annual output value increased from more than 20 million yuan to 540 million yuan, and its tax revenue increased from more than 500,000 yuan to more than 67 million yuan. To meet its expansion needs, Huhong starts a new construction project this year, covering 70 mu of land with a total investment of 420 million yuan. Although the existing land resources are in short supply, the Kunming Area gives priority and policy support to it, and facilitate its main board listing plan.

“In the past, only the introduction work can get enough attention, but help and services provided by local governments are also significant for enterprises after their landing,” Hu Xiandong, director of the Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau of Kunming Area, said. “We  sincerely provide a complete set of continuous high-quality and efficient government services for enterprises.”  

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