The mode of “Build first and inspect later” has been set up in Yunnan Pilot FTZ

“It’s really fast!” Wang Jiajun, the vice general manager of project execution of Yuntai Real Estate Co. LTD, said. It took only 5 working days for this company to get construction notice to start building. “According to the current pace, the project is expected to enter the main construction stage after the Spring Festival next year,”Wang Jiajun added. 

This is the first construction notice issued by Kunming Area of China(Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone after Yunnan Development and Reform Commission has issued an implementation plan to innovate and improve the management mode of “Build first and inspect later” of Yunnan Pilot FTZ, which marks the beginning of this mode.  

Under this mode, enterprises could make an application and make a credit commitment to relevant departments of Yunnan Pilot FTZ for an eligible project first, and after the centralized pre-examination the enterprise can start project design and construction in accordance with laws and regulations. The inspection and approval process will carry out simultaneously to save time, which can also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises for investment. 

At the same time, the relevant departments of Yunnan Pilot FTZ must take responsibility to supervise and provide services to help the investment subjects to complete necessary procedures before the final acceptance of construction. For the enterprises, they are included in the credit system for supervision and must fulfill the promises they made, or they will be punished by the law. 

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