“One industry, one license” reform implemented in the Kunming Area

Getting a comprehensive license in the Comprehensive Service Center of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone on April 30th, Yixintang became the first company to benefit from the reform “one industry, one license”. The Kunming Area has taken the lead in Kunming to launch a reform in pharmacies and small-sized catering enterprises since that day.  

The comprehensive license that Yixintang got for its two chain stores have been printed with a QR code, through which people can read all the licenses this company has on the mobile phone screen. 

For pharmacies, besides business license, licenses for pharmaceutical trading, medical equipment business, food business and a record certificate for type II medical device business were also needed to start a business in the past. 

The time used to apply and get the licenses and certificate mentioned above was 26 days in total. But now it will not take more than 15 days since the reform makes the parallel examination and approval that one department leads and multiple departments collaborate available, which can reduce 42.3% of the time. 32 kinds of materials were required to get the necessary licenses and certificate in the past, but only 17 materials and a form are needed now for applying a comprehensive license. 

The pilot reform is going to be carried out in two batches of a total of 15 industries. The first 10 industries include pharmacies, small-sized catering enterprises, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, tea houses, bars, mother & baby stores and ready-made food. The second batch of 5 industries includes e-commerce, bookstores, cinemas, gyms and beauty salons. 

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(Editors: Alison, Christine)

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